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Let NGINX display your IP address

I often have to find out my own external IP address. To have an ad-free webpage with an address I can remember, I’ve created this simple configuration snippe...

Configuration management with ansible

Configuration management of different servers can be a real mess. At least it was in my case. When I had to start working with Ansible at professionally, I b...

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Handling security updates with Docker

Keeping your system updated with security patches is quite easy. Your distribution’s package manager like apt or yum will do it for you, even fully automated...

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Configure Homebridge with Ansible

Homebridge is an open source implementation of Apple’s home automation protocol HomeKit. It helps you to connect non HomeKit compatible (smart home) devices ...

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Type safety in PHP arrays

PHP allows for gradual typing since version 7.0. However, it’s not yet possible with arrays and it doesn’t provide generic types like for example C# or Java....

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