docker-mailserver is my biggest and notablest Docker project. I started it because of the pain I had during the migration of my mail server to a different host. The project provides a complete image set consisting of Postfix, Dovecot, ClamAV and rspamd. Each service is tested by automatic integration tests, what makes it very reliable.

docker-mailserver on GitHub

When I registered the domain in the year 2010 I had no really nameable use case for it. After a while I have had to start to work with the PHP Framework Symfony2 and to gain experience in it, I decided to develop a simple link shortener with it. Since then was redeveloped a few times with different frameworks and languages, but always with a stable API and no loosing of created links. It is also available on GitHub since 2017. on GitHub

IPv4 tool

Not much to say here. I often need to find out my own external IP address, so I’ve created this one.

IPv4 tool Howto